Kelly's Spiritual Den

Online readings available via Zoom or Facebook


Psychic Medium & Crystal Ball Readings

Kelly’s Spiritual Den, is proud to be a NDIS provider we can now offer NDIS client’s a new path way to wellness through a variety of spiritual care services.

Open Your Mind

We can help open your mind to what’s possible by linking in with Kelly’s spiritual den. You will have access to such services like Holistic counselling, Aura and Reiki healings, Chakra balancing and Psychic readings and meditation practices designed to re-balance the mind body and soul and clarify your thoughts.

At KSDN we aim to take care of all your spiritual and emotional needs. You might like a once of service or an ongoing services the choice will be yours either way we welcome you into the world off spiritual growth and healing.

We're open to all

Please do not worry if spirituality isn’t something you really know about, all your job is to do relax our job is to help you relax. We are open to NDIS Clients and None NDIS Client’s and will holistically welcome you as part of the KSDN family, a place you can feel safe and happy and joining a class can open your world to new friendships.

We look forward to meeting you.